Dr. Jena L. Bell
Founder & CEO
Purpose On The Rise

Meet Jena: Your Destiny Visionary

Jena is a Women's Game-Changing Leader and Destiny Visionary. Her unique combination of strategic insight and intuition creates transformative experiences for her clients and audiences.

Our Mission

Jena’s mission is to empower 1,000,000 women worldwide to embrace their destiny and live in their fullest potential with economic freedom, leaving a lasting legacy for generations.


With over 30 years of corporate and business expertise, Jena brings specialties in government contracting, strategy, financial management, and leadership development. Her trailblazing career includes leading a $29 billion healthcare program, serving over 5 million members, and breaking barriers as the only woman and African American in her role.

Jena holds a BBA in Accounting from the University of Texas at Austin and is a certified life coach and former CPA. As the creator of Purpose on the Rise, she leads the Purpose-Driven Woman Movement and the Purpose on the Rise International Women's Economic Empowerment Tour. Jena is a proud mother, global award-winning author, strategist, international speaker, and entrepreneur.

Who We Serve

We work with professional women and entrepreneurs who may feel like their dreams and personal lives have been set aside in their climb to success. Jena connects with you personally, understanding the sacrifices you've made for others while neglecting your own goals and passions. If you yearn for more and sense you were meant for greater things, we're here to help you move forward.

How We Serve

We guide you on your journey of rediscovery. Our programs help you find your authentic voice, reclaim your joy, unlock your purpose, and unleash your prosperity. Step confidently into your role as a game changer and make an impact on the world.

We also partner with organizations to cultivate their pipeline of women executives through tailored leadership coaching and services.

Our offerings include exclusive international retreats, VIP coaching, group coaching, and consulting services.


Jena's book, Mirror Affirmations, provides strategies to help you overcome fears, break free from past disappointments, and become the author of your own story. Find the strength to shatter negative beliefs and embrace the woman in the mirror. Get your copy at mirroraffirmationsthebook.com

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