Dr. Jena L. Bell
Founder & CEO
Purpose On The Rise

Jena is a Women’s Game Changing Based Leader and  Destiny Visionary.  A leader with a vision. As a Strategist, her intuitive and insightful gifts create a transformational experience for her clients and audiences. As a purpose-driven woman, she serves a mission to empower 1,000,000 women around the globe to embrace their destiny and live in the fullness of their creation with economic freedom to build a lasting legacy for generations to come. She is a Global Award winning Author, Strategist, International Speaker and Entrepreneur.
 With over 30 years in corporate/business experience her specialties include government contracting, business strategy, audit, leadership development and team building. During her career as a senior healthcare executive, she led a $29 billion national healthcare program, with over 5 million members, serving as the only woman and African American to hold the post in it’s now over 60-year history. She holds a BBA in Accounting from the University of Texas at Austin and is a CLC, former CPA, Creator and Founder of Purpose on the Rise, Your Pathway to Abundance, a consulting agency, the Purpose-Driven Woman Movement, Purpose on the Rise International Women's Economic Empowerment Tour and a proud mom.
Jena works with professional women and women entrepreneurs who feel their dreams and part of her got left behind  in the race to the top.   Jena understands and personally identifies with the woman who gives so much to others, building their dreams, that she feels her dreams got left behind. She yearns for the more, she knows  she was created for, but is hesitant  and uncertain about moving forward.
 Jena works with her to find her way back home.
 To find her true voice and develop the strategy that repositions her to achieve game changing results so she becomes the woman who no longer questions her "game" but is the "game" that changes the game for others. 

Jena also works with organizations who desire to increase their internal pipeline of women executives with customized leadership development programs.
Jena offers exclusive international destination retreats, VIP Coaching, Group Coaching, & Consulting Services.

In her book, Mirror Affirmations, she provides strategies to help others overcome fears, break free from past disappointments & pain, become the author of their story, shatter negative beliefs, and see in the woman in the mirror. You can obtain a copy at www.mirroraffirmationsthebook.com

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