Coaching / Strategy

 We work with women executives who frequently ask the question:

⭐ What happened to my dreams?

⭐ Did I make the right decisions?

⭐ Did I sacrifice too much?

⭐ After all I have accomplished, have I made a real difference? 

⭐ It's my time, what's next for me? Where would I even start?

 We guide you to not only resolve these questions but through your path of rediscovery that authenticates your voice,  awakens your souls, shatters the negative chatter, harmonizes your life,   and rocks your brilliance with more money, momentum, joy, freedom, and impact.  

We offer:

⭐ VIP Day,  A Personal 1-on-1 Retreat Experience

⭐ VIP Coaching

⭐ Breakthrough, Laser-Focused Sessions

⭐ Group Coaching 

⭐ On-line Training

⭐ Destination Retreats 


 We  consult with organizations to build better support systems for women leaders, increase the internal pipeline of future women executives,  and address issues of executive burnout.  We believe when women win, everyone wins.

Our  programs are customized to address issues of:

 ⭐ Executive  Burnout

⭐ Executive Retention

⭐ Employee Experience

⭐ Employee Well-Being 

⭐ Workplace Culture 

⭐ Leadership Skills 


Jena delivers transformational experiences to her audiences that uplift, empower, and call to action igniting the inner champion and creating momentum and strategies to win. #Success Strategies #Personal Empowerment #Transformation #Purpose #Leadership #Motivation #Burnout #Imposture Syndrome #Work-Life Balance #Self-Discovery #Resilence

Sample Messages Include: 

⭐ Limitless You: Breaking Free from Self-Doubt to Unleash Your Full Potential 

⭐ Beyond the Breaking Point: Rediscovering Your Resilience

⭐ Entrepreneurial Empowerment: Navigating the Path from Corporate Leader to Successful Entrepreneur

⭐Reignite Your Leadership Spark: Strategies for Women Executives to Overcome Career Plateaus

✦All presentations are tailored to the client's needs and audiences. 

Workshop Training / Meeting Facilitation

As a trained facilitator and workshop presenter,  we work with clients looking to:

⭐ Improve customer experience

⭐ Increase employee engagement 

⭐ Build a  pipeline of emerging women leaders

⭐ Expand Employee Well-Being Initiatives that foster loyalty, brand influence, and connectivity

✦Offerings include team building, workshops, and meeting facilitation.


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